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 The Basket

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PostSubject: The Basket   The Basket Icon_minitimeFri Nov 09, 2007 12:34 am

The basket is where old, inactive topics go. When a topic no longer needs to exist, we don't just have to delete it! We save all the posts made and send it to the basket. There they are locked and available for everyone to look back at them. Of course, you cannot vote or post. If you REALLY need to discuss it again, do not open another topic. It will immediatly be deleted. If there is important info, or info that may be important, I will send the topic to the basket. You just have to PM me and ask for it to be opened again to talk about it again! If there is too much fighting and chaos in it, then I will PM everyone involved in the fight before opening the topic again. If this is too compicated, you have questions, etc. post in this topic! This is the only topic you guys will be allowed to post in on the basket forum. Have a great time in the Icy Fangs pack! sunny

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The Basket
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